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We’re expecting…well…a lot of a snow…
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Troll Culture

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
  •  I did find a fascinating study on how 4chan (and its predecessors) have shaped internet culture in such a way that they believe everything is just “open” and should remain that way until general consensus dictates otherwise, but general consensus never dictates otherwise because there is no organization in order to come to said consensus on anything. It generally doesn’t translate well in general society, obviously.
    Hell, it’s so disorganized, even somebody who took a side originally will change up their argument to fit what they see as the “winning side”, but to be honest, Charlie Sheen was “winning” but you see he’s stuck under house arrest. I do find troll society to be a fascinating subject. Any move to moderate is generally seen as fascism strictly on the basis that they were culturally groomed to either come to a general consensus on the matter or just let it roam free. Even trying to moderate for items that have been condemned in the First Amendment’s review is seen as a dictatorship and a stripping away of “rights” that is deserving of all hell to break loose in backlash. Never mind, I’m not sure if I find it fascinating anymore as much as disturbing. More thoughts on this subject come. 
On a side note: this did inspire me to open up the rule book to Tunnels and Trolls. Watch out! She’s got a d20 and she knows how to use it!