Thoughts From Monochrome Rainbeau: Gun Control

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
I have been meaning to do this for a long time. A friend of mine and I have several conversations regarding how to address the woes of the world, and I’ve been wanting to catalog her thoughts. Below are her thoughts in a recent conversation we had regarding gun control. 

i am getting sick of reading about shootings
·         Sondra Walters
before you’re allowed to drive, you have to take a test to prove you know what you’re doing. I think the same should apply to owning guns
step one of gun ownership should be the application, which should include a mental health evaluation as well as a background check. step two, you have to take classes in gun safety. step three, you practice at a shooting range. step four, you’re tested on gun safety and shooting ability. step five is a gun permit which allows you to buy a small caliber pistol. in order to buy more dangerous guns, you must go thru step 3 and 4 again.
if you’re caught with a bigger gun than your permit allows, then you lose both permit and gun and you have to pay $100 for every mm over what your permit allows, plus an extra $100 per round if you’re using an oversized clip
so if you’re caught with a 45 and your permit is only for a 22, you owe $2300
so you would’ve lost your application fee, all the time & gas money spent taking classes and such, plus your permit, gun, and the money for the fine
and if you’re involved in any gun related crime, you permanently lose the right to own a gun, and if you’re caught with a gun again, it’s assumed you’re gonna do something bad and you’re charged with conspiracy to commit murder
if you’re charged with any other violent offense (including plain old assault), you lose your guns and your gun permit for a minimum of 90 days
if you have two violent offenses in five years, or if you get caught with a gun while your permit is suspended, you permanently lose your right to own a gun
I think it would cut down on gun violence
although I don’t believe anyone needs a 50 caliber sniper rifle, if they really wanted one, they’d have to pay an application fee, take an in depth psych eval & background check (Both at their own expense), complete like 6 levels of gun safety classes (also on their dime), and score 80% accuracy with each of the smaller levels of guns
so they’d end up spending at least 6 months of training and probably $5000 on testing
fail the background or psych eval and you don’t get to try again. in fact, you lose any existing gun permits. fail any of the written gun safety tests and you have to take an additional 10 hours of gun safety. fail any of the accuracy tests and you have to spend 10 hours practicing at the shooting range for every 1% off the minimum score
basically you can have any gun you want and as many guns as you want. but for every gun you own, you have to have a permit for that kind of gun, which means you have to spend lots of time & money proving you know how to use it
I think if people had to actually become responsible gun owners, there would be fewer of them
also, any cop who shoots anyone for any reason should at least have 90 days on desk duty, during which they undergo an independent psych eval
any cop who is involved in a shooting twice in a year gets 15 days suspension
maybe that would make cops less trigger happy
make it non paid suspension, obviously
yes unpaid suspension, during which their service weapon and any personal weapons must be surrendered
a cop with three shoots in five years gets his walking papers and loses 30% of his pension
no transfers, no reassignments to traffic duty. just turn in your gun & badge, and here’s what’s left of your pension, now get out
and if a cop loses his job this way and is later involved in a violent crime, he permanently loses his right to own guns and must pay 200% of the fine and/or jailtime as any ordinary gun owner in the same situation
b/c they’re cops and they should fucking know better
same for military / ex military
I also think the safety & accuracy tests need to be retaken every 3 years
and if you have kids, then you are required to have a gun safe with biometric controls so that only the adults can get into it
and in case the kid tries to use their own fingerprint, it should have a computer that makes a record of when and who
and it should beep nonstop til mom/dad comes to see which of their little brats tried to get into the safe 
also no one gets a gun until they are 18 and have a job so they can afford to pay for the training & testing on their own dime
psych evals should be repeated not less than every 10 yrs
if there is a major event (death, divorce, job loss, etc), then gun rights are suspended, pending a psych eval
and within 5 yrs I think we’d see an 80% drop in gun violence
·         Reeve Savage, 8:57in the evenin’
now to get everyone on board


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