While You Were Sleeping: Entitlement Culture rears its ugly head

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

The only difference between the misogyny in the western world vs. the misogyny in the eastern world is that it is illegal for men to lynch a rape victim in the western world. Furthermore, it’s evident that they lament the fact that they cannot lynch rape victim. When it comes to topic of rape, the discussion becomes a montage of seething hatred toward the woman who spoke up and when a man speaks up about being raped, he’s thrown under the rug as if he doesn’t exist to them. When one speaks of “rape culture”, one isn’t discussing the Schrodinger’s Rapist, one is discussing the culture’s necessity to use rape apologia. But overall, one must remind oneself that this spawns from a culture full of entitlement.

There is probably one big problem when one feels entitled. Possibilities are construed as expectation instead. Just because something is possible, does not mean somebody should go into situations expecting certain things to happen. This is common sense when interacting with others. But somehow in the entitled mind, these expectations should take place or else there will be consequences for their grievances. The entitled also view those who aren’t in their realm of entitlement as subhuman, so why wouldn’t these subhuman creatures submit to their entitled whims?

It just warms the cackles of my demented little heart to know that all abuse and anger from these entitled individuals is somehow justified because the victims were at fault somehow.*

*You know what time it is it’s time for


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