What Goes On While You’re Sleeping: Ferguson

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

“I have one great fear in my heart, that one day when they are turned to loving, they will find that we are turned to hating.”
– Alan Paton, Cry, The Beloved Country

Today, Darren Wilson’s charges were dropped by a Grand Jury. He wasn’t indicted in the killing of Michael Brown. The evidence that Michael Brown robbed a convenience store on Florissant shows him casually at the counter interacting, reaching in for the merchandise. No witnesses to corroborate whether it was a crime or not. Even if a crime were committed, Darren Wilson was not judge, jury, and executioner. Michael Brown’s alleged crime is a moot point. The case has been botched from the beginning. Six drug cases involving Darren Wilson as the one who arrested the indicted suspects have been dropped because they didn’t want Darren Wilson saying anything in those court proceedings that would be used against him in the case against him. He never showed up to these proceedings, the state was told it didn’t have a case for it wasn’t prepared after several opportunities were given for Darren Wilson to show up. This only leads me to think that Darren Wilson is probably a corrupt officer, as that would be the only thing you could use in the case against him if he said anything in court about cases he was involved in. It’s rather like saying somebody refuses to blow into the breathalizer, they’re automatically guilty of being drunk. 

There are protests going on all over the country (L.A., Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, etc.) over this. It’s understandable. The police should be video taped at all times. They should wear cameras. It shows non biased proof of things that go on while they’re on duty. Too many have been assaulted and killed because of bad police officers. IN THIS DAY AND AGE OF ALL TIMES!!!!! The looters shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, yes I know. But quite a few of them believe the only reason we got the coverage we did for this was because of the looting. The problem is, the peaceful protesters who aren’t looting are the ones getting tear gassed. How does that even make sense?  We’re going to be under the thumb of this police state when they begin declaring martial law over the country. And they’ve already pinpointed who the classes they disdain: minorities, the disabled, the elderly, and the children. 

On top of the violence here, we’re sending our troops to what? A war waged by the rich, so that they can get more rich? So they can become more entitled. 

“I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight
Because my conscience leaves me no other choice
A true revolution of values will lay hand
On the world order and say of war
“This way of settling differences is not just'”
This business of burning human beings with napalm
Of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows
Of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins
Of peoples normally humane
Of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields
Physically handicapped and psychologically deranged
Cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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