CBS Stalker

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

The CBS show has its ups and it has its downs. It’s most wonderful up is the creepy cover renditions of songs that fit the theme.

Michelle Branch ~ Creep
Snow Hill ~ Be My Baby
Leelou ~ Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Denmark and Winter ~ Every Breath You Take*
Lo Fang ~ You’re the One I Want
Until the Ribbon Breaks ~ One Way or Another
Wrong Child ft. White Sea ~ Love is a Battlefield
Gary Jules ~ I Want You to Want Me
Snowhill ~ Hungry Like the Wolf
TBC obviously…

Stalker Soundtrack
These slow haunting versions are mesmerizing to my demented brain.

The show itself features a team of LAPD members who specialize in taking down stalkers in the area. Maggie Q’s character is the leader of the team, and the story works in that she was stalked in her past. Dylan McDermott’s character just moved into town and it turns out he’s been presently stalking his ex so he try to be closer to his son. I like the two exact polar opposite perspectives being pitted together to bounce them off each other. I must also say, the story line is also growing on me as the season continues.

* Want an even more haunting version, one should check out Scala and the Kolacney Brothers version of this song…


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