What Goes on While You Were Sleeping: Entitlement Culture

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

― Stephen King

We are currently plagued with an entitlement culture. This has become a petri dish for many violent behaviors that the culture they are done in is overlooked because these individuals have been allowed to get away with whatever they want to as they avoid consequences of their actions.

Maybe those who are in the establishment need to begin teaching their kids to be upstanding citizens rather than teaching them that because they’re entitled, they should be able to get away with being dickheads. Hearing and seeing the youth among the more privileged doing shit “because they can get away with it” isn’t anything new, but it doesn’t mean we’re not tired of their families not making them accountable for their actions. The longer they’re allowed to be brats, the more it sets in, and they become the epitome of what’s wrong with adult society.

The entitled themselves either go the horrendous edge of fully violent behavior (note: Steubenville, Eliot Rodgers, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Ethan Couch and his “Affluenza”, and the case of Maren Sanchez who was stabbed because she wouldn’t go to prom with a guy. This is not to mention the many cases that involve police on civilian violence, or the stuff that generally is hush-hush among the more elite members of society.) or there are many cases where the entitled manipulate those around them to the point of horrific violent behavior via means of peer pressure and bullying. 

It is also in this petri dish that we find many who are seeing these dark things come to the surface and would like to put an end to it. But then, for some odd reason, those who have been entitled all this time don’t like their world “crumbling down.” A lot of what can be seen as people are trying to come to a consensus about what must be done, we also see a horrible amount of backlash among those who are basically in the same boat. We should be working together to make this world a better place, right? Apparently that idea must be so wrong, of course.

One of the recent backlashes can be described as mostly the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement. Be sure to check out what’s going on in their “manosphere” as they like to call it. Quite a few are open (with youtube videos that actually have their faces in the videos) but mostly they like to keep themselves anonymous on the internet. A few pretend it’s because they don’t want man-hating feminists to stomp on their jewels, but it’s pretty much because this movement is full of trolls.  

1a. Noun
One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

1b. Noun
A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons such as rank, previous disagreements, sex, status, ect.
A troll usually flames threads without staying on topic, unlike a “Flamer” who flames a thread because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread.

1c. Noun
A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject, as well as thinks every member of the forum is talking about them and only them. Trolls often go by multiple names to circumvent getting banned.

2a. Noun
Sometimes compared to the Japanese ‘Oni’, a troll is a supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore, whose race was thought to have carried massive stones into the countryside (although actually the result of glaciers). Lives in hills, mountains, caves, or under bridges. They are stupid, large, brutish, hairy, long-nosed, and bug-eyed, and may also have multiple heads or horns. Trolls love to eat people, especially small children.
The Females of the species are generally kinder and more intelligent, but still fairly hideous.

2b. Noun
An aesthetically repulsive person, often has terrible social skills, usually a woman. See Troglodyte.

2c. Noun
An old, unattractive gay man who hits on young men, and cannot seem to understand that they want nothing to do with him.

3a. Verb
To fish by dragging bait behind a moving motor-boat.

3b. Verb
To cruise for immediate sexual pleasure without commitment. Often characterized by an older man, seeking a younger man, or any man for immediate, often anonymous sexual contact.

4. Noun
A joke disguised as an outrageously stupid statement or question, intended to trap people into believing it is serious.

5. Verb
To use acid and ectasy simulataneously. See trolling.
(Comes from ‘Tripping’ on acid, and ‘Rolling’ on ecstasy)

6. Noun
A toy popular in the 1980’s, a ‘troll’ is a cute little plastic trolls with fluffy, colored hair.
^Any of these could probably describe somebody on the internet who is basically trolling. 
In the MGTOW “manosphere”, at least as of late, there have been many “controversies” they have been nagging about. The “Fappening”, Gamergate, and the “Quinnspiracy.” I will be addressing these, among other things. 
The “Fappening” happened because hackers got into the Apple Cloud and found nudes uploaded of many celebrities. Then they posted these pictures online for the public to view. After the first wave, Emma Watson made a speech for HeForShe, and then was given a countdown ultimatum involving her supposed nudes being available for them to post publicly. This has become revenge porn. It’s tabloid sized revenge porn. Anybody who justifies revenge porn is a fucktard. Not sure what was going on with the countdown website, because apparently that was even put together by people who elaborately troll people. They make websites and odd videos and their goal is have them go viral. Just note that they decided to piggyback the “Fappening”, however, to achieve their goal this time. 

*Note that Gamergate is supposedly about game journalism ethics, just that too many who have piggybacked onto the gamergate cause are misogynists.
As for Anita Sarkeesian, I’m going to have to agree with those who have pretty much “taken her side” as some would like to say. In the reviewing world, not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you. If you cannot grasp that then buckle up, buttercup, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You are allowed to disagree with her, but the gross response to what she has said is deplorable. Anytime you mention her name, you get similar responses. What it boils down to is these people are afraid somebody’s going to take away their porn and video games. Bringing new changes and new ideas to the video game world should be as with any art form. Allow the creativity to flow rather than allowing it to stay the status quo, becoming stagnant and boring. Don’t throw a tantrum, you’re big boys now. Hike up your big boy pants already and don’t lose your shit because your little egocentric world just got a new perspective. But instead, I guess the logical thing to do is create Gamergate. This is under the pretense that they are attempting to abolish supposed corruption. Look it up on Youtube. The MGTOW red pill is taking you down the rabbit hole and I’m pretty sure the end of the tunnel is mostly bunny turds. Along with it is the Gamergate response to feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian. Pretty sure MGTOW’s hear the word feminist and the first thing they do is think of Anita Sarkeesian. The second name they are against is Zoe Quinn. This has made the “Quinnspiracy”, about an indie game designer who has been harassed for basically being a woman, it seems. She held some influence over a reviewer site, and some believe that would make the job of a reviewer less respectable? I heard this spiel before…remember when the two co-founders of Tindr broke up with one another? The male counterpart told her that having a woman as a leader in the company would make the company less respected. I guess it could be worse. A woman fired from Apple for asking for a raise was called a “fat, black dyke” by one of the managers.Because that’s a logical reason to fire people these days.
Although I can see some sense in coming together and discussing actual issues between both sides, I’m pretty sure the same entitlement culture we live in has been the nasty cause behind people figuratively screaming at each other, but both sets have their fingers in their ears and aren’t listening. A couple of other issues I wanted to bring up was a MGTOWer bringing up that men are raped in prison all the time. I’m really not sure how that constitutes a woman being raped at a party as okay. First off, she went to said party to have fun and of her own choice. Yes, most women who do not surround themselves with friends at these parties are considered naive, or brave, or both. Because to go out and have fun at a party should result in having fun. It should not result in passing out, and while being passed out, being preyed upon, videotaped, and talked about around school before you even know what had gone on because you were passed out. If you go to prison because you think it’s fun and you want to go to prison, then um…yay for you? Also please keep in mind that when you correlate these two events together, you are saying that these boys who find themselves entitled enough to prey upon others like they did are as horrible as the degenerates in prison who do the same thing. Thank you for making my point for me. 
There is one more thing I wanted to bring up. An MRM WomanAgainstFeminism recently brought up a tweet that resounds of quite a few things I’ve been hearing in the MRM/MGTOW community about “we need to kill all men” coming from the feminist movement. The video she is referencing is actually a conference about Microsoft security and discussing the many malware plagues your computer can get from unsolicited email. One of these was appealing to the men’s horniness as it was one of those pretty girls wants to hook up with you kind of scenarios. We all see those. We all know it’s probably some guy from Russia trying to hack your shit or whatever. The joke was that in order to stop these things from happening, maybe we should kill all men and our computers can finally be secure. The men laughed at the conference. I’m rather tired of people taking things out of context, as this is a prime example of it happening. If the whole MRM rant about “killing all men” being swapped around has anything to do with this video at that conference, I’m going to need some speycide stat. 
I do, however, want to bring up that there are things that really getting in the way of the feminist movement being taken seriously. Fake rape allegations are bullshit. In the long run, they allow those who are really using rape as part of their MO to get away with it easier. And I do want to let it be known, I wouldn’t say the whole culture of this entitlement is rape culture, but I would like it to be known that rape culture is part of the flotsam and jetsam that is the entitlement culture. 

*note that is written because while I type, you cannot hear the deflection in my voice, and some have taken my sarcasm seriously even if I do put an inflection 


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