Posted: September 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

So, do you want me to grovel on my knees, and beg for your forgiveness? We get it, you’re an ass….you don’t have to announce it over the loud speaker. I can say with a guilt free conscience, I did nothing wrong. And I want to see you two happy together. You’re good for each other. Am I not allowed to be happy for you without you getting all uppity? Am I a jerk for letting your life be open to be with her? I was no good for you in that situation. You needed her, she needed you. And I was in the way, just clinging to something that wasn’t mine to own, and at least I set you free.

On another note….if you call it like you see it and want to tell a person the truth (like you always claim) why do smile in their face, and say it to everyone else but them? That’s my question for today….I doubt I’ll ever get an answer.


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