Posted: September 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

This just in….

peanut butter is more useful than Barack Obama

  1. alwaysamy says:

    Hi there,I stumbled across your fantastic blog & I thought I’d stop & say hello.You also looked like the kind of girl who might want to know about a contest I’m having on my Xanga Blog!I’m not a nut. I don’t want to steal your checking accountinformation. I’m just a girl in love with Etsy! What’s Etsy you say?Well, it’s a website where you can buy & sell all things handmade.Like Ebay but with way cooler stuff! :)Anyhoo, I’m having a contest to spread the word about Etsy (justbecause I want to, not because I’m Etsy’s pimp or anything!) & youshould come check it out! It’s easy to enter & fun & I’mgiving away jewelry that I’ve made that is totally rockin! Seriously,come see!Always,Amy

  2. This brightened my day 100-fold. Thanks.

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