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 ~ all caught up now taking my chances playing my song….while the devil dances round me begging me to play along


Considering I already have 4….I want one on my left shoulder of the icon I have on here (Pon giving Zi a kiss but with an emo heart ❤ above them), of course I want Lenore on my lower back with the crossing knives “touch me and gain a stump”, and a trinity symbol on my center back

I just answered this Featured Question; you can answer it too!

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I wanna be an air force ranger…live the life of sex and danger

If it wasn’t for Mandie, Amanda, Beth, and Yeti….I’d go insane right now

my political views

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Energy and environment crisis ~ nuclear power works cleanly and emits a higher source of energy to charge what we’re charging with oil
immigration ~ if the bastards don’t like going through the process like all those before them to get rights, send ’em back where they came from, or just shoot ’em for all i care
the war ~ the only military tactic that will work if we bring back our soldiers, is to nuke the middle eastern capitals, including mecca
economy ~ leave those who are already paying taxes alone and either tax those lazy bastards who aren’t (about 80 percent of the country) or send ’em to Serbia, or shoot ’em too for all I care (this includes immigrants)
~ the government needs to stop getting involved with the market, Reagan left it alone after the crash in 87 and we’ve had 2 decades of prosperity and low unemployment
retribution for slavery ~ fuck it, all of us have slaves as ancestors….we’re not slaves today, and we’ve all had ancestors lynched, we’re not being lynched today, we should just be grateful instead of sitting on our front porch expecting a free check cause we’re breathing

Until then, my plan is to live by a steam of water with a flow of 2 mph, set a dynamo in it and connect it to the house, and have a water wheel for my water and a filter….try to live as far off the grid as possible….growing whatever I want in my garden….and hoarding whatever weapons I want to buy….because I don’t believe in gun control….then the only ones who have ’em will be the government and criminals and I know too many criminals in the government to trust either one

BTW… for Nader or find a dead fish in your bed

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Missed me, missed me, now you've gotta kiss me.
If you kiss me, mister, I might tell my sister,
if I tell her, mister, she might tell my mother,
and my mother, mister, she might tell my father, mister,
he won't be too happy, and he'll have his lawyer,
come up from the city,and arrest you, mister,
so i wouldn't miss me if you get me,
mister, see?

Missed me, missed me now you've got to kiss me,
if you kiss me, mister, you must think im pretty,
if you think so mister, you must want to fuck me.
If you fuck me, mister, it must mean you love me,
if you love me, mister, you would never leave me.
It's as simple as can be!

Missed me, missed me now you've got to kiss me,
if you miss me, mister, why do you keep leaving?
If you trick me, mister, i will make you suffer,
and they'll get you, mister, put you in the slammer
and forget you,mister, then you'll miss me wont you?!
Won't you miss me,
won't you miss me?

Missed me, missed me, now you've got to kiss me!
If you kiss me, mister, take responsibility.
I'm fragile, mister, just like any girl would be
and so misunderstood (so treat me delicately!)

Missed me, missed me, now you've gone and done it!
Hope you're happy in the county penitentiary!
It serves you right for kissing little girls!
But i will visit if you miss me....say you miss me!!
MISS ME? How's the food they feed you?
Do you miss me? Will you kiss me through the window?
Will they ever let you go?
I miss my mister so.