Posted: April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

So in an age where people are going to a football stadium to hold mass with the pope, the next president needs to be assassinated, we’re not allowed to think for ourselves without a beaurecratic moron blaming us for something he did wrong, they’re raising taxes higher so illegal immigrants can live off the benefits they’re trying to strip from the ten percent of Americans who do pay taxes, twelve year old girls are encouraged to get the HPV prevention shot and therefore encouraged to be promiscuous at such a young age without given the weight of responsibility that should come with such adult freedom; a socially autistic hermit will use her terroristic tendencies to destroy the other terrorists and warlords before taking her reign of the world with a triumvirate to join her fascist dictatorship.
Free reign in the media is out of hand and needs to be controlled. We need to focus on the real threats on our nation, rather than giving away military secrets and hidden military locations to our enemies for one. These threats are rapists, child molestors, and government officials and their spawn. It disturbs me that they keep pushing for gun control to the point that only criminals and the government will have guns. I don’t trust either to be perfectly honest. Yet, we keep upholding freedom of speech to the point that it itself is more dangerous than the right to bear arms.

~TBC with rants on illegal immigrants and their demands for American rights

  1. the world has gone mad. Just wait, they will start putting mind controlling substances in the water and they will insert little microchips in us to monitor our whereabouts. We’re pretty fucked as far as a future goes.

  2. rugbugg says:

    I didn’t get all of that, but I don’t think that getting inoculated against a disease is a bad thing, no matter how the disease is spread. Even a woman who saves her sexuality for marriage can get an STD. And there are still loads of those we can’t inoculate against or cure. I agree that in many ways our society makes it easier for people, even children, to be promiscuous. I don’t think Gardacil does that.

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