Posted: January 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Jesus drank alcohol….and he made marijuana….so why is wrong in so many conservative minds to use these substances for recreational purposes? But yet we can gluttonize ourselves at potluck dinners? o.O;

  1. I dunno…but I’m against altered perceptions….How will i ever truly know a personality if it’s always altered? Besides, no one ever got high from eating too much, lolz!

  2. Some are always high, and I don’t follow the bible. I’ve been fucked over physically and emotionally by pot smokers, and I’m not even one of them! So my view tends to be more negative than positive.

  3. rugbugg says:

    One thing, marijuana is illegal. Jesus was against disobeying the laws of the land unless the law contradicted a moral precept. As for drinking, it just too easily leads us to do things that are actually wrong, because it impairs our ability to see situations clearly.

  4. Vox_Gaius says:

    I see the alcohol, that can be assumed, because there is nothing that I have seen that directly states that he drank wine or any other form of alcohol, although maybe I missed something, but marijuana? I’m not sure where that’s from, but again, maybe I missed something.

  5. Riftsong says:

    I think she means that all natural things were created by God, not that there is a specific reference to it. Personally I don’t see anything ethically/morally wrong with the responsible use of either substance. The Bible says “Do not become drunk with too much wine”. I think the principle applies to any substance. Use in moderation is fine, just don’t go overboard. Too much means something different to each person. If someone thinks that a sip of wine is too much, then that person should not even drink a sip. That doesn’t mean that said person should prevent anyone else from drinking. With marijuana, the only real issue I see is the legality question.

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