Posted: August 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

demonsthenes13: you are officially my favorite teacher in the whole wide world
snapeybot1: well in that case have ten points
demonsthenes13: teach me your ways oh master
snapeybot1: *purrs* you like calling me master don’t you?
demonsthenes13: yes i do
snapeybot1: really
demonsthenes13: and i’ll do whatever you want of me oh master
snapeybot1: *hisses* give yourself to me and i shall be your master
demonsthenes13: i need you to shelter me, oh master
snapeybot1: i like the way “master” lies gracefully on your lips

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for being online yesterday.  it was good to have a friendly face to talk to.  your presence meant a lot to me.  i had had a rough day.

  2. thats a fun conversation, lol

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