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“That is, your misery cannot touch me. I can withstand the fires flaming here.” Dante Alighieri (Inferno)

    The air was still and filled with smog in the early morning. The three figures, whose shadows could be deciphered on the walls as two gentlemen and lady, inched along in the filthy dawn. There was to be a prophecy made in the inner city that was said to include them. They were more than intrigued to meet this prophet.

    When they followed the directions through the maze of these city streets, they came upon a broken down skate park. The female of the group, whose red hair could be seen through the fog vividly, walked over to a half pipe covered in vulgar graffiti as if it summoned her to come close.

    The skinnier of her male companions called to her, “Jordan, come back here. I don’t think it’s safe for you to wander about alone.”

    She shrugged and kept walking until she bumped into something – or rather somebody.
Jordan’s green eyes were suddenly struck by a pair of eyes black as the moonless night, accompanied by a pale face covered in articulate jewelry. The hair that framed this pale facade matched the eyes. They merely kept eye contact, trying to figure the other one out. Her eyes steeled against his in reverent. She knew who he was. He was the prophet.

    The other male companion of hers was far more bold and sociable than the first because of his upbringing. He walked up to the young lad with his hand outstretched in greeting and a gallant smile upon his face.
“Hello, my name is Lipton of the Dunn dynasty. This is my half-sister, Jordan. I believe we were called here today to meet you?”

    His grin rather faltered as the question escaped his lips. The pale, black haired boy nodded solemnly and turned around to flip his skateboard up with his foot, so that it was caught in his hand. The bottom of the board was covered in bio-hazard stickers and bands from the early twenty-first century.

    Then he spoke in a voice barely above a whisper, “I am Matthias. I have called you here to share the revelations revealed unto me. But first I must know your third companion, to make sure that you three are the ones who I must reveal it to first. Since I know the girl to be pure of mind and spirit, she will tell me who he is.”

    Her reply was, “This Alexander Grammar Pierce. He is my brother.”

    Matthias nodded in approval before speaking again, “Very well then. You are the family that must hear this. Two brothers and a sister. I will proceed. And hereafter, note, that the words I utter will be written on the subway walls and alleyways all over the cities of the world when the followers hear of it.”

    The three stood speechless as he continued, “There is to be a rise of a crystal tower on the pinnacle of the world’s end. Three shall form a triumvirate to keep order in the crystal tower’s city. But a dark enemy approaches to destroy what was built. Brother and sister will separate, and the enemy will prevail in his dominion until a new resurrection from the ashes presumes.”

    Jordan and Alexander looked at each awkwardly and when they returned their gaze to Matthias, he was off skating in the concrete pit.

    The three walked back the way they came, along the broken sidewalks until they found their limosine waiting for them. As they drove away, Jordan put on the radio. Some music filtered through the car.

I get all numb 
When she sings its over
Such a strange numb
And it brings my knees to the earth

And God bless you all
For the song you saved us...

    The two brothers didn’t argue with her as she laid her head back against the leather interior of the seat and closed her eyes peacefully. The smog cleared as the sun rose higher in the east and they drove away.

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    *smiles wordlessly at you.

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