Posted: June 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

~ when I’m lonely, I know I’m gonna be the one who’s lonely without you….when I’m dreaming I know I’m gonna be the one who’s dreaming about you

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are marvelous and beautifulWith the world in complete darkness, you are still a bright, shining star; Though we aren’t always together, in my heart we always walk hand in hand;My prayer is that one day special we will be able to meetYou set my heart sailing into the heavens with the slightest little grinBeing with you gives me an undying hope, knowing I’ll always winFeeling our hearts beat rhythmically together tells me my soul ablaze with excitement just like the moon is lit by the sun; When I first wake up, the thought of you paints a melody so sweet in my mindAs I fall asleep I wonder if there’s anyone else so great within all of mankind;Undoubtedly, the reason that each day is better than the last is because of youYou are the reason for my endless joy and you’re all my dreams come true Thank you for your kindness, and your love and for so much moreThere is no other woman than you

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