Posted: March 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

how do u do it, harding? u sent your plague to me all the way in louisiana….and now i have a sore throat….but an awesome (may i repeat awesome) third grade class, who with just a few tweaks will be fully under my spell…..they already like me enough to say “YES!” when they saw me….so hopefully i won’t screw up any prospective loveliness we’ll have….

i have some quiet ones….so that means i won’t have to get on the cases of everybody so i can actually get a little peace until i pay attention to the squeaky wheels in the class…..and now they’re in art….and i just got an announcement from the principal that we’re on lock-down…oh joy! *insert derogatory statement here*

well i think i’ll end up cutting my stay in searcy down to that friday instead of going until the following sunday….so i’ll be leaving the 18th so i can be back in the NO area for 7ish…..esp. if anybody responds to wanting to go to see jacknife, dryline and in tomorrow’s shadow…..all i know is that sunday (the 20th) organized hostility and torn apart by horses is gonna be at the cypress hall so i’ll have to go with the brandon creature and check them out too

i know it’ll be hard….but that week that i’m coming up has been announced as a “week of silence” for rape and sexual abuse victims….i’m going to at least set apart a day of meditation and prayer during that week…and anybody else willing to participate, let me know…..i’m bringing purple ribbons for the cause


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