Posted: March 1, 2005 in Uncategorized

haha! the girl in “the clincher” is tacked to a poster on the wall b/c she’s a butterfly….and the lead singer of chevelle is hotter than the lead singer of into the moat….so haha! so is the lead singer of muse…..can i have them both in my little love triangle? please?

as soon as i’ve lost enough weight to fit into that skirt, one of my weight loss goals will have been met (i should be able to slip into those lovely pants i found at HT) granted, idk if i’ll  be able to wear my skirt come that time i go to searcy…..what with um….some repairs i need to make….i’ve decided i need to get ahold of Amy Brown and see if she’ll help me figure out how to make seat covers…I’d be willing to pay the woman for her services and I definitely wouldn’t be stealing….and plus I’d get to meet the wonderful Amy Brown….

i need a thigh master….anybody got one they’re willing to sell for cheap? well on to finding nightmare before christmas on….adieu


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