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jealousy, turning saints into the sea….churning on false lullubies, choking on your alibies…but it’s just the price i pay, destiny is calling me….open up your eager eyes….i’m mr. brightside….

had a bad day, don’t talk to me….gonna ride this out….my little black heart breaks apart with your big mouth….i’m sick with my sickness, don’t touch me…you’ll get this….i’m useless, lazy, perverted and you hate me

i tried to be perfect it just wasn’t worth it, nothing could be so wrong….

you’re something beautiful, a contradiction….i wanna play the game, i want the friction

if i was a rich girl, see i’d have all the money in the world if i was a wealthy girl…..

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okay….note to everyone….if it’s written in somebody’s xanga/livejournal that somebody did something, and you trust the person to be legal when they did something….then assume it’s legal…..don’t assume the worst for that person…it’s retarded to be so pessimistic even if the all the details are not placed in front of your nose

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i have figured it out….guys with no idea how to talk to girls have one thing in common…..they hang out with too many guys who don’t know how to talk to girls….

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i woke up with a headache and fell back asleep until 10….then toddled around aimlessly for like 10 minutes until i got to the computer room and started watching cable guy….today the kiddos do their thing for LTC at laplace coc….wish ’em luck in their “dress rehearsal”….

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daniel: hey girl! sorry about earlier, my aunt interrupted the call and then my signal died. so i’ll wait by my phone around 4, okay? when you come up or when you go up to searcy, you should look me up. okay, bye

i don’t know….i just felt like sharing his voice message he left….lol….

TODAY WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!! we went to renewal 2005, and were surrounded by people just worshipping God….it was with all our hearts, all our minds, all our strength, all our soul….Jesus definitely was alive in all the teens there today….he was not still hanging on the tree….and the theme was “Dare You to Move”….David Skidmore was the speaker and he brought up a few wonderful points….but I think my favorite point was Acts 13:28 “God is there for us to live, to move, and to have being.”

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in this dream that i have….i’m a million years old and all knowing…..sad and indulgent….not feeling….wanting….needing….and it burns

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today was remarkable….the infection in my throat is gone and the ear is no longer hurting….i should be able to head up to searcy for tuesday and make it there for a later showing of constantine…..everyone could bring themselves to see a movie like that…..even james….i’m going to have to employ my sources now….i now have access to the local radio djs, a professional photographer, and discounts on useless junk i don’t need……

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happy birthday, heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well ne ways…..i’m in a manic mode…..this is so not good….i better be able to get to sleep sometime tonight so i can be alert enough to drive to the doctors office tomorrow and to heidi’s place to give her a the cd i burned for her….i just watched the matrix and want to see if i can recreate their world…..but first i must get together my dischord outfit and take a picture to put on here…..

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so deep that i didn’t even scream “fuck me!”

my tonsils look like aliens took them over….but i must be proud of myself…i’ve gotten a reputation that means teachers are starting to request me at their substitute….unfortunately…i can’t teach until at least friday….today i was feeling crappy, and tomorrow i have an appointment to check on my ear and throat….maybe they’ll tell the aliens to evacuate….

i have decided that i’m blessed even though some things seem to be cursed….God gave me this stubborn attitude for a reason, and I have to use to my best abilities now