Posted: February 21, 2005 in Uncategorized

arbitrarily, i need to work to make money….but that does not mean that i have to stick with that crummy night job at kfc to make money….i’d rather make less than that working at the mall….and if i could get into hot topic, my dream college retail job will be fulfilled….so come march after ltc, i’m giving my two weeks notice to my boss at kfc and gonna work it out until the two weeks is up….and in the meantime, i’ll get job applications at the mall….i have a car…i just need to make sure they know i can’t work until around 6 during the evening….and luckily i won’t have to worry about a uniform….and i can count down the days happily until that happens so i won’t have to gripe anymore at kfc…..

on to brighter and better things, brandon and whoever else and i are heading to baton rouge on the 27th to rock it out to some local bands in the darkroom….that should prove good enough to cure my cabin fever….also i got a rock awesome jacket with jack skellington on it and a pair of pants that have black chains…..i luv them good….and my sister…..she has the cutest pair of tripp girl jeans ever….they have pink ribbon laced up in the front of each pant leg

well back to class, the students will be needing a teacher until french (and afterwards, they’ll need me to watch them during recess) then it’s off from here and an hour or so until going back to hell….


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