Posted: February 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

so i officially have nobody reading this one…..w00t!

rick springfield has a sucky song from the 80’s and i refuse to really figure out what the title was….and we had it all like joanie and chachi? and forget trying to be romantic when you’re already known for some stupid song with the lyrics “we can make love til we both wake up”….

my grandmother got into lubbock safely and stopped complaining within the last couple days….so life was bearable around here….saw the evanscence dvd thingie….and amy lee mooned me….

i’ve been inspired to put music to abomination boulevard first….or dear somebody….and might add his beloved and the st. valentine’s day parade to the list….hopefully i can try to head to an orgy concert in ft. lauderdale….*grins like an idiot*

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