Posted: February 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

brandon so rawks my face off (look it’s over there), because he has the concert schedules and they rawk my face off to….and i’m on my “planning” period, i guess….otherwise the kids are skipping class and i get to give them all F’s….bwahahahahahaha….

i’m subbing today (my first time) and my boss, jennifer, i believe….rawks my face off as well….chris owens apparently didn’t know that he was going to be out today, because there’s nothing for his class….so i get to give them busy work….bwahahahahahaha….and they suck, because they don’t know how to round and add (blah! to them and their petty idiocy) and they’re in 7th grade *raises eyebrow* i think they were just trying to get out of work….all i know is that if i don’t get 26 papers from the first class, i get to hand some more F’s….bwahahahahahaha….

it feels much better now that i have certain ppl blocked from my aim, phone, and yim….means i don’t have to deal with them jabbering at me….w00t!


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