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this is for mandi…if she wants it


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i miss…..

emily, leslie, stacey, ashley k., ashley h., mandi, christa, jessie, abigail, amy, ciara, scot, james, terry, brandt, matthew, deva, anna, bethany, jason, matt r., jedi, rachel, mike v., fossi, patrick, stevo, meri, jackie, bekah, larissa, jeff, david, and yes….even nathan

i heart (i refuse to use an emo heart….)….

acacia strain, into the moat, the red death

i’m having tons of fun with…..

stephan, hope, brittany, sarah, josh, matt, brad, brandon, erin, and yes….even beau….

i enjoy my job in school, even when i’m having nightmare children….because i’m learning even if the students refuse to….i have some of the most supportive parents in the whole entire world….and i wasn’t given a dwarf name last night like the other “losers”

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urs i tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it….i don’t believe it makes me real

i’m not the harding marrying type i guess….i either don’t have enough baggage or too much….i’m a mellow middle….but maybe i can make up for it by being the first grandchild to get a ph.d. (do u think i can pull it off before amy angst? b/c she’s so friggin perfect!)

i decided my worst nightmares are where i have no control over the situation….and those include the ones where i wake up late for work, etc….they make me far more apprehensive than any of the richard o’brien living around the corner dreams…..for sure

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i’ve gone through this masquerade for far too long….anybody reading this will be let onto a little secret….

i’m afraid of men….and the power they possess….and being what i trully am….a little girl scared of what they can do….

and i hide it behind sarcasm, men being inferior jokes, and cynicism

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As he gazed in silent wonder
At the beauty she possessed
Somber and serene, her pale face
As in the tub she lay to rest

He remembered her laugh
The echoing love in her voice
Of the many vices he could’ve picked
She was his choice

His lady of the evening
His mistress of the night
Gave him no reason to enter day
For in her eyes was his light

Reaching out to hold her hand
He smiled and held it close
He fancied she felt it
A slight twitch of hers arose

The beauty of the dawn
Shown gleefully in her hair
As her pouty lips slightly parted
All he could do was stare

Then he leaned in to kiss her
Her lips were as cold as ice
As she lay in the blood filled tub
Of her own deadly demise

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good morning….it’s friday….i’m teaching an art class of mostly kindergartener’s and then on monday, i teach greg’s class in art(my mom has decided that she finds the idea of me and him to be ideal….) i would’ve actually been working in his class today had i not already promised to teach art for sylvain….maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to get a guy who can actually say he’s out of college and can actually support himself and a dating lifestyle…and maybe take it in a more mature manner, rather than letting things in the relationship “stress him out” until he can’t take it anymore and has to date a 15 yr old to make up for the “pain” i put him thru…..besides the guy’s probably got some awesome taste in dinner plans….he went to vassar (sp?), mind you….

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you’d think i’d be happy for them….but it’s rather bittersweet

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bandages on my legs and my arms from you…..

iffen i should cry….it’s only because i’m hormonal (right?)…..and the same excuse goes for any sappy romantic notions….or being tired….or maybe that twitch in my left eye…..

jake is no longer a part of my life (w00t!) and i don’t have to worry about any of his crap….brandon and i are pretty good friends still….so i don’t have to worry about that too much….mike is well….so enrapt with penelope (but he doesn’t want anything to do with the table i sit at even if that’s where he usually sits with his friends who are also my friends….), josh is blocked and can’t try to flirt with me anymore….ryan is um…well i don’t know where ryan is…..and the last time he and i talked he was considering ending it all……jean is online right now but refuses to talk to me…..ian is dating tiffany and busy with high school…..amanda is well….so 10th grade…..matt is too busy with his karoake business….and stephen and i are on hiatus (which is good, b/c i don’t think we could control ourselves with each other)….

i have to go to bed so i can be the art teacher tomorrow (it rawks) and i just noticed that most grafitti signatures are too similar

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smelly cat, smelly cat….what are they feeding u?

smelly cat, smelly cat….it’s not your fault

they won’t take you to the vet

you’re obviously not their favorite pet

smelly cat, smelly cat….what are they feeding you?

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and as jordan sat in the dark in front of her computer screen, the words flashed across the monitor. and mr. flabberschum was officially in the palm of her hands, in the exact same way he once held her in the palm of his.