Posted: January 22, 2005 in Uncategorized

yesterday i was so up and at ’em….i was ready to take on the world…and today, all i want to do is curl up and die (guess they were right when they suggested i get over the counter lithium when i searched for anti-viruses for my computer)
but how could it possibly be biological when environment plays too much of a role? i woke up today, and got a notice that i still owe harding money (lovely how my prediction that when i needed something like…say….PROOF OF ENROLLMENT *cough* they fail to send it…but they insist on sending the bill….i’m currently going to see if that will count as proof of enrollment because harding sux and i have to do everything on my own) i have obligations too, you know…and I CAN’T DO ANYTHING because it all falls apart the moment i pick it up off the floor….and so i’m trying to put the jigsaw puzzle back together so i can hang it up on the wall….

eh….just forget it….i promised myself i wouldn’t stress myself so much this year (and if i can keep that promise….maybe i could actually have something go right….)

“they can restrict my freedom, but they cannot take away my apathy”


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