Posted: December 20, 2004 in Uncategorized

what’s your name, little girl? what’s your name?

okay….so i got home….yeah….so? got it set up to work on tuesday….lost my voice….couldn’t sing…..was weirded out by jess and david flirting the whole time i was with them…..and now have to wait until thursday to work because i told my boss that my voice isn’t good enough to take the cashier line and that i’d still be willing to work or whatever….but she wanted me to not come in sick….so yeah….whatever…..this is my united states of whatever…..went to the theatre tonight….i missed st. john theatre almost as much as i missed my kitty….told mr. daley that i heard he needed me to slap some sense into his seniors….he found it amusing… sister is an official black belt (that’s hers for life, baby!) and now she’s working her way to trainee status….that’s right….she’s gonna be one of the teachers when the original guy is too busy… sister rawks more than yours does! and i now have a new cousin once removed….her name’s lily…and my pseudo niece, eva, should be born within the next month….yay! i need to get mr. bryan and mrs. ami christmas presents now



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