Posted: December 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

so my mother wants me to stay home if i can’t go back to school… tempting as it might sound….do i really want to emulate my cousin? well it would only be for one semester….not like jared did….but still….i feel rather uneasy coming back without having some big purpose….and people keep trying to stuff down my throat that my choices are wrong….well just because i’m not amy mcdoniel does not make me a sub human….it’s bad enough that i’m sick and irritable….but people keep asking me if i’m sure about the choices i’ve made….well there’s no point in going back in a time machine and making those choices over again….now is there? and then after all that’s happened…..which although loads of people i know have gone through just as much at some point in their lives, so they should just chill and leave me be…..b/c you’d think they’d understand instead of trying to stuff down my throat how much better they are….i recall stories of these same people going through a hard time….and they crumbled instead of actually attempting the things i’ve attempted (me: attempting to get on my feet even though i’ve been driven to my knees…..them not even trying to get off their knees in the mean time) well i’m not letting it get in the way of my dreams….i’m just working a detour on the service road until the actual highway is fixed…..


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