Posted: December 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

have u ever had that aching feeling behind your eyes when you didn’t want to wade thru somebody’s bullshit? my whole body aches….because it just finally gave up on being productive….doesn’t mean i’m not still being productive…just that my body’s fighting with me more than you can know….i don’t want to get out of bed…..i don’t want to find a place to live….i don’t want to deal with idiots….and i certainly don’t want to achieve anything except maybe sleep…..loads of sleep….maybe the dealings of my mind….and what’s more….i don’t like it when ppl who are deliberately getting involved tell me they’re not….i hate ppl….and i hate random idiots online who let their brats get into a teenager chat rooms (when they’re not really a teenager….only 12…mind u) at like midnight and then when i think it’s a dumb pedophile looking for 11 yr old girls (who wouldn’t be in there anyways…because it’s a bloody teenager flirting chat room….and most the ppl in there are at least 16) then calls me a bloody pervert for suspecting that the kid might be a pervert…..and where is he? asia? it was midnight according to my clock and he claims it was only 5 pm where he was at…..and that he was a cop and has to deal with scum like me all the time….doesn’t even know me…but apparently since he keeps talking to me…..i’m automatically harassing him….

god! i don’t care anymore…..just suck it up and smile, brenna….they don’t care either….and they hate it when u don’t smile like you’re supposed to…..


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