Posted: December 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

so a random day of achievement (although i’m lost in ettinsmoor….and i couldn’t get the oxen and start a revolution), hopefully i can get enough money to cover this apartment down payment or whatever it’s called by the end of next week so i can get ahold of them….this weekend amy and i are going job hunting (mainly for her….but just in case i don’t get the job at the gas station because they want somebody now….i need a back up plan) i should be able to pay a substantial amount of rent after christmas (from my kfc job….) but that won’t cover all 5 months or so……then i found a computer repair place for cheap….so i’m going to use my money from my check on them fixing severus jr. and just warn everyone that christmas presents will be late this year (except christa’s because i’m writing a story and it’s easy to make) which leaves kat, emily, scot, mandi and amy on the special list….i’ll have to get presents for the parents and my sis (they wouldn’t stand having christmas late) 

so question being….anybody have a truck that can help me move my junk from the dorm to an apartment?

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey…where are you moving to?
    and yes I know someone with a truck but it depends on when you are moving??? so let me know something…

  2. i should be able to know by next week where i’m moving to….and i probably won’t end up moving anything until after christmas…depending and stuff…..thanks

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