Posted: December 7, 2004 in Uncategorized

why are you trying to make fun of me? you think it’s funny? what the fuck you think it’s doing to me? you take your turn lashing out at me! i wanting you crying with your dirty ass in front of me

all of my hate cannot be found…i will not be bound by your thoughtless scheming….so you can trying to tear me down, beat me to the ground…i will hear you screaming

i lost my bloody poem that i was gonna hand to scot at lunch… and my idiotic absent mindedness….i must’ve set it somewhere and mandi threw it away….or something….i should’ve never torn it out of that notebook (because the notebook has been in my bag all day….so it would’ve been safe in there…) i want hold his hand right now…i hope he wasn’t too offended that i sat on the opposite side of the table…but my pizza was in a mood to attack nathan and sitting b/w nathan and scot would’ve been bad….dontcha think? i need to be a more affectionate girlfriend (but i’m not quite sure how to go about it with him….it’s just so different…..maybe just start with a hand holding session….that generally is how it starts heating up in my world…..) still…i have to be the one who shows him what i want….otherwise he’ll never catch on…he’s never had a girlfriend in his life….i at least know what a guy is looking for (at least i think i do….i’ve had like 5 boyfriends…..granted….they’re exes….so um…maybe i don’t know what a guy is looking for afterall *gives a slight frown*)

i’ve gotten to the point where messing with my good friends is pissing me off…..people are constantly trying to put their agenda ahead of my good friends’ and then blame it on the friends of mine…..and it’s really bugging me to the point that i just want to go on a slasher spree (i swear…with my hockey mask from the dollar store…all i’d need is a chain saw and we could kick this up a notch….BAM!) if they really want a fight….i can give them a run for their lives…..most of them thinking they’re so bad ass that they’ll scoff at me until i whoop their “bad ass” into submission….but what am i thinking? it’s the left side of my brain talking…i just know it…because my right eye gets a twitch when i do this… i pinpointed which side is the most poisonous….ha!

“so poppet….you’re back…i knew you’d be back”

“in your dreams…i just came by to pick up my mace and bash in your head”

edit: found the poem….now i wonder where the scot would be…..


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