Posted: December 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

2 ppl on rebound do not make a stable couple…..i have another job (here in searcy) so my life will have some sort of fulfillment…..i’ve decided that i need to figure out my loan stuff and stop confusing myself over this before dec. 10th….so i don’t have to pay the bloody money to harding anymore if i’m not going to be attending here (all i need to do is get dean huckabee’s permission to get this job this semester and make sure the managers of the gas station know that i can’t work every night and won’t be here christmas break….3 weeks that might be detrimental to their schedule….i just hope they’re understanding and will know that i’ll be one of their best workers come next semester time) i really am a nice person underneath, i figured….not some ugly little troll….and that i have some decency in me left….so i’m not a sociopath…so don’t think i am….my head doesn’t hurt anymore and there’s a fire roaring in the hearth of the student center….how comforting

scot and i went on a official date last night (i need to get him something nice for christmas, not to mention a nice burned cd) which reminds me….the job i have in order is coming along (hopefully i should be able to work for these two weeks before christmas…go home work at kfc for a couple weeks and then head back here and work some more as the gas station) that’ll help pay off computer expenses, christmas gifts, and cell phone bill


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