Posted: November 24, 2004 in Uncategorized

so it’s down to this, eh? i have to work tomorrow night from 5-11…and friday night from 5-12…so i won’t be sleeping on friday….yay! for no doze and then sleeping on the flight (hopefully i can last that long….i will be at the airport for like 2 hours of nothing….gah! terry pratchet novel where are you?) if i can’t get anybody to pick me up sooner, ciara’s gonna head by the LR airport to pick me up around noon….perhaps we could get some lunch together and then head to the rave for a movie (or mayhaps another day…we’ll be exhausted that day….who knows?) i’m going to help somebody out in getting a job…because i’m nice…i guess…..and people apparently are wondering when scot and i are going to get married *raises an eyebrow* i’m confuzzled….g’nite


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