Posted: November 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

so today is the last day that i’ll be here for a whole week, i had gotten ahold of my old boss and need to call her again on monday so i can work (hopefully….need of moolah uber big time) i feel so bad about yesterday….scot didn’t deserve any of that crap….we encouraged his behavior….i know i at least did…so did stevo and meri….and for the most part everybody….including conn (even tho he’s not willing to admit it, he didn’t get verbal enough for scot to realize he didn’t appreciate that behavior….that is until it turned into behavior that gave him a panic attack) then they kept harassing him about anything he did….after the wrestling incident, nothing scot did was harmful to anyone….we were picking on him, so he picked back…then it got into that stupid conversation where they kept reiterating how immature he was….and guess what, stupid! he isn’t immature….full out maturity does not mean that you think every moment (because guess what, duckies….even you don’t think all the time….remember that) it means that u learn from your mistakes….it means that you sometimes learn from others’ mistakes…and scot does that….also realize that he’s younger than you, so he doesn’t think on the same level you do, apparently….so stop acting so superior when you yourself acted that way (maybe worse) when you were his age….and as for the conversation that a certain somebody employed after conn was thru with him (alethea….starting to take susie’s position as the HB) was completely unnecssary….she doesn’t know him….she doesn’t hang out with us….sure….we like to have fun….but guess what! we don’t hit up the whole “lord of the flies” mentality like you keep claiming we do…..we’re intellectual beings….we’re moral beings….hell! we’re human beings…get down straight to it….fighting with an 18 yr old when you’re over 20 and then claiming that the 18 yr old is the immature one in that fight, means you’ve got problems…..and guess what! we know how to control ourselves…we don’t need your sniping remarks to control us….

i’m going to have to apologize to scot for leaving him last night….but he disappeared after i dropped off my bag in my room, and i couldn’t get ahold of him…so i headed to the skating rink with amie, stevo, meri and erin…..

Caressing gateways of the mind
Over, enter through spaces time
Heals wounds inspiring gifts of light
Inside myself just need some time
(just need some time to myself)
To figure it out, cause I’ve got no doubt
That when my dreams come true it’s because of you
And the fact that I let you

as for brandon and jess’s new game of “piss everybody off” it might be working, all i know is i’m happier and far less paranoid than they’ll ever be….


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